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The mission of the Carroll County Public Library is to enhance the quality of life for the Carroll County community by serving the information, leisure, and lifelong learning needs of the residents.

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Carroll County Public Library

Your Carroll County librarians are ready to help you. Stop in and discover our resources, educational opportunities, community activities, and public events.

About Carroll County Public Library

The goal of the Carroll County Public Library is to provide library services and resources to all Carroll County residents. We provide complete, accurate information or offer appropriate referrals on topics of personal, educational and professional interest. The library encourages children to develop an appreciation for books and a love of reading. It is our goal to provide materials and services that offer cultural and recreational enrichment to residents of all ages. We strive to be a cornerstone of the Carroll County community. Each day we hope to enrich and help all that walk through our doors.

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What does CCPL offer?

Libraries aren’t just for checking out books anymore. Check out the latest library events and programs, download an eBook, or take one of our adult education classes.

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Our History

Today’s Carroll County Public Library had its beginnings in the Carrollton Women’s Club House on Sycamore Street during the last half of the 1940s. It started with volunteers pooling their resources and time to create the first version of public library space in Carroll County. This continued as a small, volunteer-based program throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In 1975, the voters of Carroll County adopted a local tax to support the formation of the Carroll County Public Library Commission. Since that year, we have done our best to be the most responsible steward of our community tax dollars. The library as we have come to know it was created in 1981, when the first library was built on 136 Court Street. This building was maintained and served its community well and in 2007, the 6,000 square foot building was renovated and doubled in size. In 2019, land adjacent to the current building was purchased and will be developed to set up generations of Carroll County residents for the best library services possible.

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Anyone living in Carroll County can visit our library to gain access to library materials, facilities, and digital services. Picture I.D. and proof of your current address is required. Address can be verified with utility bill, property lease, postmarked letter addressed to you.

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